A very snowy Tintin & Snowy scene…


Tin tin


This seems entirely appropriate for all the snow we are having in the Alps this season. Well said Tintin!


A Vintage Skiing Elephant – Babar in the Snow


Vintage Skiing Babar


Double joy! Vintage skiing and everyone’s favourite elephant, Babar! Swopping his bright green suit for some stylish 1930s ski threads, he looks just as much at home on the snow as he does in the city. This image was saved from a gorgeous Babar calendar that my sister gave me back in the 1980s. I’ve been a fan for a while now…


Vintage Babar in the Snow

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Perfect Pom Pom Confections


Sonja Henie in Winter Time


A pom pom just has to be the perfect topping for the jauntiest woolly ski headwear, vintage or modern. It’s the cherry on the cake, the walnut on a chocolate whip (Rowntrees c.1970s, of course…) and, er, all Maltesers. It is, in fact, the knitted equivalent of a sparkler or those big, splendid Allium flower heads. It is, in short, a happy thing.


Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Henie certainly looks adorable sporting a most impressive mop top in 1940′s film ‘Winter Time’. Somehow, I want it to be a jolly, bright red.

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New! Vintage Ski Style on Zazzle!


Unbelievable but true – and incredibly exciting! Vintage Ski Style now has its own shop on Zazzle! Check out the small, select, exquisite range of vintage ski themed merchandise. All I can say is thank goodness Zazzle is a print-on-demand service otherwise the shop would sell out quicker than half-price ski lift tickets in February.


Racy Lady downhill skier - super vintage ski image


My current favourite is today’s design. Let’s call her Mandy. She can ski faster than any boy – faster, in fact, than anyone else in this annual downhill ski race. And later, as she stands on the little podium and holds the trophy proudly aloft in her outstretched arms, there is another glittering prize awaiting her. It is the heart of the young, good-looking, immeasurably rich – but actually really nice – Prince who’s life she saved minutes before the race started. The rest of the crowd applaud like crazy too- that very morning she unmasked an infamous jewel thief and handed him over to Interpol.


Don’t you just love those vintage girl’s magazine stories??



Sewing your 1930s and 40s Ski Style

Vintage Vogue Sewing Pattern for Ski Pants


For anyone handy with a sewing machine – and sadly I didn’t inherit my Mum’s skills with scissors & sewing threads - it is possible to create your very own vintage ski style. I’ve featured vintage sewing patterns before (here and here) but, as they are rarely thrown away, they keep popping up on my radar – otherwise known as Ebay and Etsy. And whilst I love the vintage illustrations on the front, it’s the promise of the pattern inside that is probably most alluring for many. Unsurprisingly, given that body shapes have changed so much over the years, these patterns do need adapting. We’ve come a long way since the foxy dames of the 40s and skinny minxes of the 60s – in all directions.  Will my bum look big in this? Most definitely…
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Vintage Tea Style…


Crown Devon Stockholm leaping deer motif


It’s all Nigella‘s fault apparantly. I had no idea. Falling hard for a few pieces of covetable Fifties vintage china on a table in a Harrogate Hotel, I proferred the contents of my wallet to the stallholder - admittedly a rather modest amount of cash. He looked on me with pity. Continue reading

Stop Press: French monument to an Englishman!

P1040654 EW
On one of the many hairpin bends between Briançon and L’Argentière la Bessée, it’s hard not to be distracted by what appears to be a huge wooden hiker gazing wistfully at the snow covered peaks in the distance. Each time we drove past it, I became a little more curious. But as we were usually on a mission at this point – as anyone who has any acquaintance with my OH will completely understand – stopping to satisfy this curiosity was out of the question. Eventually, I spotted the figure on a postcard and discovered, with no small surprise, that the gentlemen in question is English. So how on earth did an Englishman come to be so venerated by this small Alpine community?

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How to Recycle Your Old Skis

 Recycled skis


Just as we Brits like to offload our junk or bag a bargain at car boot sales, the French are busy emptying their lofts. These ‘Vide Grenier’ in the mountains are a happy hunting ground for any vintage fan, but especially a vintage ski fan. Amongst the abandoned cuddly toys, old record players and assorted chipped crockery, very occasionally there will be a little piece of ski history…

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Investing in Vintage Ski Posters



This is the world’s most expensive vintage ski poster. In 2008, it sold for a whopping £36,500 in Christie’s annual vintage ski poster sale. (And no, I don’t know what it says either…)  Three years on and the price for this 1950′s Russian ski tournament poster had dropped to a mere £1,625 at the same sale. Such are the vagaries of the vintage market that today, on the Vintage Seekers site,  you would have to pay £8,800.

However, not all prices on this vintage collectibles site are into four figures…


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Back to the Future at Quiksilver



Quiksilver‘s hard-wearing, cool surf gear has been spotted on all the best bodies, on all the best beaches since the 1970s. So when snowboarding came along, with its simiar youthful ethos of laid back living and thrill-seeking in nature’s wonderland, the boys and girls at Quiksilver weren’t far behind in creating some loud & distinctive kit for this equally cool crowd. That, in turn, influenced what skiers wanted to wear, so very soon the mountain was clad in lots of little blobs of wild fluorescence.  


Thankfully, those over-ripe, retro snow suits are rarely seen these days – although some frankly quite scary and somewhat faded examples have been spotted in and around Serre Che quite recently. Most, however, are reserved for 80′s theme parties, which nonetheless seem to be very popular in an awful lot of US ski resorts.  


 In stark contrast, Quiksilver’s 12/13 offering was pretty low key - plain colours, with the occasional simple, bold graphic print. So, it was interesting to see on Poppy Gall’s blog what this iconic company have planned for the 2013/14 season – and it turns out to be vintage ski style!  The pattern is vintage heaven but when paired with the clean, modern cut of the jacket, it just looks fabulous.


I have to admit that I haven’t seen too many pheasant roaming the slopes before. Maybe in game-rich places like Scotland there could be the potential to run into the odd one. It would certainly make for a substantially more satisfying mountain lunch than the typical Alpine cheese-fest fondue. And I can’t imagine that could look quite as good on a ski jacket either…




Thanks to Poppy Gall once again for the inspiration here, as well as Quiksilver and quiksilver-vintage.