Vintage Tea Style…


Crown Devon Stockholm leaping deer motif


It’s all Nigella‘s fault apparantly. I had no idea. Falling hard for a few pieces of covetable Fifties vintage china on a table in a Harrogate Hotel, I proferred the contents of my wallet to the stallholder – admittedly a rather modest amount of cash. He looked on me with pity. ‘It’s very popular’, he said, ‘ever since Nigella featured it in her Christmas cookbook. ‘ Turns out it’s her favourite festive china and she’s been collecting it for some time. She has taste in more ways than one, that woman. 

Crown Devon Stockholm serving dish

You probably recognise it but I have been a little tardy in discovering this lovely leaping reindeer design. Inexplicably, it was named after capital city ‘Stockholm’ and was also produced by a company called ‘Crown Devon’ in their ‘Devon Pottery’ – which was in the Midlands, of course. It would, though, be right at home in my fantasy vintage ski style Alpine chalet. Bedecked with comfortingly huge and calorific mountain treats with maybe a sly slug of Genepi in the teacups, it would warm hearts twice over. 

Crown Devon Stockholm cake stand


Well, as soon as we got back home from the Northern family seats, I’d hardly finished pouring the tea before I was on Ebay making bids. All to no avail, sadly. Nigella is obviously topping up her collection right now – and we’re still months away from Stir Up Sunday. It can only get worse. Instead I shall indulge my new love here…


Crown Devon Stockholm Butter Dish in Green


Crown Devon Stockholm cup and saucer


So I don’t suppose anyone has got any pieces lurking unloved in their lofts? Red or green, it doesn’t matter, I’m not fussy.

Just thought I’d ask…


Images courtesy of Ebay and Cold Comfort Crafts blog, thankyou folks!

14 thoughts on “Vintage Tea Style…

  1. Are you still looking? I have four cups, 10 saucers, 4 teaplates, 1 cake plate, a cream jug and a milk jug. Packing up a china collection and idly looking up bits and pieces I came across your site!

  2. Hi Helen I am on the same quest as you, but I am only starting. I just love every piece of it. Hope your able to get sorted. Good luck. X


    • Thanks Aileen, I have amassed all of two pieces so far! It’s too gorgeous isn’t it? Best of luck to you too and thanks for dropping by the blog – always nice to hear from readers :-) X

    • Hi Bev, thank you for your offer – very sweet of you if you’ll excuse the pun! I love the sugar shakers but at the moment I think my heart is set on a tea set. However, I doubt you’d have any problem at all getting a good price on ebay – they are obviously as popular as ever. Thanks for dropping by the blog too :-)

  3. Plates from dinner to sandwich a total of 22 5shallow pudding dishes 2 tureen sand 2 meat plates feel free to contact me.

      • Gorgeous aren’t they? I still have only managed to nab a small, slightly chipped plate but it sits on my desk and looks just lovely. Vermont would be a perfect home for them yes! In fact, have heard so many good things about VT, am hoping to get over there later this year! Thanks for dropping by the blog :-)

  4. I can understand your new found love utterly Helen. What a beautiful, elegant, evocative design… The inexplicable name only adds to the exotic charm for non-skiers like me. Darn that Nigella…. ;-) xox

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