Perfect Pom Pom Confections


Sonja Henie in Winter Time


A pom pom just has to be the perfect topping for the jauntiest woolly ski headwear, vintage or modern. It’s the cherry on the cake, the walnut on a chocolate whip (Rowntrees c.1970s, of course…) and, er, all Maltesers. It is, in fact, the knitted equivalent of a sparkler or those big, splendid Allium flower heads. It is, in short, a happy thing.


Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Henie certainly looks adorable sporting a most impressive mop top in 1940’s film ‘Winter Time’. Somehow, I want it to be a jolly, bright red.

But snowy- white and sunshine-yellow look fabulous on this super 70s version. I’m almost afraid, though, that there might be matching ski pants in this pattern as well as the hat, jumper and gloves…


Vintage patterned pom pom beanie pattern download from Yesteryarn on Etsy


This cute crochet cap really ups the pom pom ante. Give yourself really bad neck-ache swinging these bountiful baubles from side to side. French Knots has a free pattern for you to make your own. And, if you make the poms poms really big, you could quite casually and satisfyingly whip the cheek of those annoying folk on chair lifts who swing their feet backwards and forwards all the time…

Crochet hat with pom poms

The Scandinavians know a thing or two about woolly winter wear. This is a pom pom that, like long hair on boys in the 70’s, your school headmaster would have made you get cut. In this case, I might have to agree with him. The effect is strangely akin to an eruption of fluorescent tomato spaghetti.


Vintage 1970s Sewing Pattern Pom Pom Tassel Ski Cap Rick Rack Digital PDF from 2ndlookvintage on Etsy


Happily, pom poms can be worn with aplomb by both boys and girls. What else would a young lad wear to watch Bolton Rovers defeat Rotherham Wanderers on a freezing Saturday afternoon in 1959 if not the fan hat his gran knitted him? Would also come in jolly useful on sledging days too – till it fell off into a large slushy puddle, that is.


Boys Hats


Pom poms may be unisex – but maybe not universally sexy. Points here for trying though…


Nordic Pattern on Etsy


The prize for most astonishing pom pom hat, however, must go to Ethel Kennedy, seen here in the 60’s with husband Bobby. Sporting no less than six woolly whoppers, this vertiginous creation no doubt inspired a pom pom frenzy across the nation – although, strangely enough, I can find absolutely no evidence of this.


Robert & Ethel Kennedy

If you are heading for the slopes this season, I am happy to report that the pom pom is very much back in ski style. The best are the big, furry-licious bunny tails but but wool, of course, is always wonderful.


6 thoughts on “Perfect Pom Pom Confections

  1. The Sonja Henie wolly fur hat does indeed have a red pom pom! I OWN the hat, yes – it still excist. E-mail me 🙂 A

    • Oh how fabulous! Great to hear from you – I love that hat even more now! How on earth did you come by it? And can we have a picture??!

  2. Love this Helen!!! Fantastic and so funny. I am definitely a fan on the mono-pom myself and getting the proportions right is an art in itself I imagine. Brilliant post, and I hope you’re getting plenty of apres ski pom pom time this season too. Enjoy!!!

    • ‘The Mono-pom’- like it! Could that also be used to describe a particularly boring Brit haha! 😉 Anyway, I don’t expect you’re going to need one of these for a few months yet over there…

    • Ha! My lovely woolly beanie hats have now been replaced by a sleek white helmet on the slopes – but I am seriously tempted to make an enormous white snowball of a pom pom to stick on the top…

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