Sewing your 1930s and 40s Ski Style

Vintage Vogue Sewing Pattern for Ski Pants


For anyone handy with a sewing machine – and sadly I didn’t inherit my Mum’s skills with scissors & sewing threads – it is possible to create your very own vintage ski style. I’ve featured vintage sewing patterns before (here and here) but, as they are rarely thrown away, they keep popping up on my radar – otherwise known as Ebay and Etsy. And whilst I love the vintage illustrations on the front, it’s the promise of the pattern inside that is probably most alluring for many. Unsurprisingly, given that body shapes have changed so much over the years, these patterns do need adapting. We’ve come a long way since the foxy dames of the 40s and skinny minxes of the 60s – in all directions.  Will my bum look big in this? Most definitely…

In 1930s America you could even emulate your favourite starlette’s slope style with Hollywood Sewing Patterns. I love the simple but chic cut with a practical full length wind-cheating zip and waist-cinching tie-belt.


Hollywood ski suit


For girls, I imagine this super cute snowy twosome would have melted a lot of young hearts, especially when topped off with a bit of stripey Rip van Winkleness. It gets a star from me too.


Girls 1940s Two Piece Snowsuit found on Etsy


This sophisticated Simplicity pattern from the 1940s offers a warm, snug fit with its neatly adjustable buckled waist. Suggested fabrics include ‘novelty woolens’ – but somehow I just can’t imagine this covered in cute little cartoon penguins…




This rather dashing duo look pleased as punch with their smart ski suits – but they’ve just gone too button-crazy for me.


 1940s ski suit pattern found on Etsy


More Hollywood style – covering every eventuality of your 1940s winter break in the mountains. So that’ll be skiing, skating, hiking, err, yodelling and, hmmm, even a spot of lumberjacking by the looks of it. Well, that’s obviously how one achieves that teeny tiny waist. Pass the axe love…

1940s winter sportswear


Don’t miss the next exciting installment when we’ll be plundering the 60s and 70s for more vintage sewing ski style…


4 thoughts on “Sewing your 1930s and 40s Ski Style

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  2. I am strangely attracted to almost all these looks Helen. Is it me or have things come full circle? I’ve always been partial to a jumpsuit and can think of no smarter way to cheat the wind. Superb collection as ever my dear 😉 xo

    • Thank Janine, your comments always make me smile. I’m so glad you said jumpsuit and not onesie! My Mum did make a fab blue & white stripe jumpsuit for me in the 70s but it was definitely more seaside than slopeside X

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